UNIQLO, you rock my world even more than when I walked into your SOHO store. Unfreaking believable, you rock UNIQLO! If there was an inSZpiration award you’d be the winner for this months findings.

So what am I so amped on?

UNIQLO has developed two magnificent web tools to create a full on marketing online experience.

The first of these gems is the UNIQLO Calendar. This incredible calendar incorporates a series of time lapses, funky tunes, and color changing fun all while telling you the day and weather in your city.

The second gem, is the UNIQLOCK. To advertise their location in Paris and their yummy cashmere knit collection, UNIQLO developed a fun and amusing clock to include, queachy tunes, interpretive dance, and the current time. A bit reminiscent of a Wes Anderson flick, which makes this even better!

Check em out and start your day on a delightful note… I did 🙂
UNIQLO Calendar


About SZ

Samantha Szakolczay is the founder/designer of THE SZ DESIGN in San Francisco. Following a passion of design through the motto, LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE //
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