The Design & Music of Scott Hansen

The other day, I attended a lecture featuring San Francisco musician, under the label Tycho, and graphic designer, Scott Hansen. This has been one of the most inspirational talks I’ve been to yet.

Scott referred to graphic design as “an application of passion and pressure,” and I couldn’t agree more. As designers, we often crumble under the pressure of being the best and creating the greatest, most enticing, piece of design. Additionally, designers often flood their minds with beautiful visual imagery that inspires them to create and fuels their passion. But how much visual stimulation is too much? I can admit that there are times where I am on overload from all the inspiring images I find in books and on the web. It gets to a point where I have soo many ideas and things I’d like to draw from, I don’t even know how to begin and my passion turns against me. Scott touched on a possible solution to deal with such dilemmas and offered some additional helpful tips:

1. Look at good design enough it become apart of your subconscious.
2. Go nuts in the beginning and then tone it down with each revision.
3. Use flikr to collaborate with other artists and photographers.
4. Even if something is made for the web, put in as much work making it look as if it were print.

Not only is Scott a talented graphic designer, he’s also a talented musician, listen to Tycho today on Virb. If you like what you hear, purchase his music on iTunes!


About SZ

Samantha Szakolczay is the founder/designer of THE SZ DESIGN in San Francisco. Following a passion of design through the motto, LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE //
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One Response to The Design & Music of Scott Hansen

  1. Jesse says:

    Games aren’t that different. Design comes mostly from intution and the simpler, the better. Trying to be the “greatest” can be crippling; you really should just learn to trust yourself. This is a problem for designers and artists who aren’t in touch with themselves 🙂

    I get inspired by other games (game designer talking here!), but more often that not I get inspired by things I see or do in real life. Life and the world around us is the most interesting thing there is and usually taken for granted by most people.

    Focusing on a theme helps a ton too. One excersize I’ve tried is to walk down the street and only focus on a particular color. Try to shut everything else out and only look for that color. You’ll start seeing stuff you would have totally missed otherwise!

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