save japan.

Aaron Feaver in collaboration with THE SZ DESIGN

I recently discovered an amazing LA based photographer by the name of Aaron Feaver. His attention to color treatment and the simplicity of an image really captivated me. When I came across his photo of a wave I was immediately plagued with the horrifying events that happened just a few days ago in the city of Sendai, Japan. The live footage of this terrifying event has captured the magnitude of loss the people of northeastern Japan have been experiencing. I immediately felt the urge to turn Feaver’s image of a wave into an image that stresses the urgency to help Japan in any aid possible. Help save Japan and donate to the American Red Cross today.


About SZ

Samantha Szakolczay is the founder/designer of THE SZ DESIGN in San Francisco. Following a passion of design through the motto, LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE //
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